State Touts AP Success, Local Schools Perform Well

Maryland touted its top ranking in Advanced Placement scores.

Earlier this week, the state of Maryland touted a recent report from the College Board, ranking students number one in performance on Advanced Placement exams. 

Maryland students who took the challenging AP exams scored at least a "3" on the exams about 29 percent of the time, placing them first in the nation. (A score of 3 or better on a 5-point scale is generally what is needed in order to qualify for college credit.)

These rankings refer to test scores from the 2011-12 school year. Students are preparing now for the 2013 tests. 

Anne Arundel County Public Schools released its AP scores last year, but it's worth re-visiting how some local schools performed.

Generally, Arundel High has been a top performer on AP exams, even earning a visit from the state superintendent in 2011. Arundel has shown increases in average scores even as it has seen more students take the exams. 

All local schools outpaced the national average. 

Here's a look at how students at Arundel, Old Mill and Meade High have performed on AP exams in recent years. 


Year # of Exams Taken % Earning 3 or Better 2012 1364 56 2011 1224 54 2010 1083 53 2009 847 54



Year # of Exams Taken % Earning 3 or Better 2012 697 32 2011 665 30 2010 548 33 2009 534 29


Year #of Exams Taken % Earning 3 or Better 2012 1166 34 2011 888 39 2010 872 41 2009 754 46


Source: Anne Arundel County Public Schools 


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