Local Schools Fare Well Against MSA Targets

Most schools in Odenton and Severn show progress in MSA exam scores and schools countywide improve their performance in most categories.

The vast majority of local elementary schools met goals for performance in math and reading on the Maryland State Assessment exams, but some local middle schools fell short of goals in at least one area.

Countywide, schools saw gains in three of four categories, and the rate of passage exceeded that of the state, according to a press release from Anne Arundel County Public Schools. 

There were just seven schools in the Odenton/Severn area that fell short of targets in at least one area, including four middle schools.

Individual schools are now being evaluated on Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) designed to boost performance among 10 different groups of students.

  • did not meet targets for reading and math among African-American or black students.
  • fell short of meeting AMOs in reading among Asian students.
  • Pershing Hill Elementary School missed targets for math proficiency among special education students. 
  • MacArthur Middle School missed schoolwide targets for math and reading, and fell short specifically among Asian students in reading and among black or African-American students in both subjects.
  • Meade Middle School failed to meet schoolwide goals in reading. It fell short of reading targets among special education students, black or African-American students, and those students receiving free or reduced meals.
  • missed schoolwide reading targets, and fell short among black or African-American students and among those with free or reduced meals.
  • Old Mill Middle School South missed schoolwide targets for reading.

Countywide, 93.2 percent of elementary school students passed the MSA exam in reading, an increase of about 1 percent from the year prior. In math, the percentage increased from 92 to 93.8 percent. The increases were across the board, except for a slight decline in performance among American Indian or Alaskan Native students.

Overall reading performance among middle schoolers declined, with students passing the MSA exam at a 86.5 percent clip, down about 1 percent from the year prior. Performance in math, however, rose from 78.4 percent to 82 percent.

The performance gap among most groups of students declined, though it increased slightly for African-American or black students in reading.


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