County School Board Swears in New Members

Odenton's Stacy Korbelak and and Old Mill High's Nick LeFavor became part of the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County Thursday. Patricia Nalley also officially started her second term.

Three people took their official oaths as members of the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County Thursday, including Stacy Korbelak of Odenton and senior Nick Lefavor.

Patricia Nalley also took the oath as she enters her second term as an at-large member.

Korbelak, a mother of four children, including a son at , said she hoped her background as an educator and former human resources worker would bring a unique perspective.

"I was approached by my county councilman to consider applying, and after I looked into what was involved, I thought my background was a pretty good match," she said.

Korbelak, a Piney Orchard resident, is a professor of English at Howard County Community College and has been involved in the PTA in Arundel High cluster schools.

Nalley, who has served as school president the past two years, said it's been "a very rewarding, challenging retirement activity."

Nalley retired five years ago as principal of Davidsonville Elementary; she spent 40 years in the education system and both a teacher and administrator.

When asked why she wanted a second term, another Annapolis member of the board chimed in.

Solon Webb said, "Because we wanted her to."

LeFavor, who will serve as the student representative on the board, said he still hoped to juggle other activities while a senior at Old Mill. He will have full voting rights.

"As a teenager my influence is sometimes limited and I saw this as an opportunity to make a very substantial impact on the world around me," he said.

All three members will take part in the board’s first meeting of the 2012-2013 school year scheduled for July 11.


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