Arundel Students Hop Across the Pond

Students from the school's signature program recently got back from a trip to Yorkshire, England.

Aly Danick, Anna Twigg, Abby Piegols, Miles Ellington and Chloe Hill all traveled to England in November (Credit:Tim Lemke)
Aly Danick, Anna Twigg, Abby Piegols, Miles Ellington and Chloe Hill all traveled to England in November (Credit:Tim Lemke)
Students at Arundel High School have frequently hosted peers from other countries, so it was only natural that they'd travel abroad themselves. 

About 20 students from the school's Community Development and Global Citizenship signature program spent 11 days in Yorkshire, England in November and got a taste of how young people play a role in shaping their communities.

Their trip began with a visit to Kiplin Hall, the former country home of George Calvert, founder of the State of Maryland. The students also met the local mayor, attended classes and shadowed peers.

"I think there's a strong sense of community there," Arundel junior Chloe Hill said. "I think it's more competitive in America, and that's reflected in the school system. In England, it's more collaborative."

Students said the sense of community was not necessarily tied only to schools. They pointed to several local spots including an old railroad station that was transformed into a meeting space where people exchanged ideas. 

"We don't really have something like that here, where people can sit and talk and eat," Hill said. 

Students said young people in England appear to have a real role in building programs and even affecting policy. For instance, many students serve on the Richmondshire District Youth Council, a democratically-elected body made up of people aged 11-19. 

"They were talking about real issues," Arundel junior Miles Ellington said. "They were active participants, and definitely have a voice."

You can read this rundown of the students' activities from Lauren Grey, a specialist in the office of advanced studies and program: AACPS Global Connect Blogs


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