Arundel High Quidditch Tournament Raises Thousands

Students packed the stands and the field

turned into Hogwarts on Friday, as students held a charity quidditch tournament at Carroll Field.

Muggles of all grade levels competed in the Harry Potter-inspired competition, with hundreds of students in attendance.

The competition was a fundraiser for the Interact Club’s partnership with Kenya Connect, as well as the National Honor Society. Organizers said they raised more than $5,000.

I am not a quidditch expert, but the sport appears to resemble a combination of soccer, lacrosse and dodge ball. There are lots of balls flying around, players on brooms, and two goalies in each net. There are players labeled as seekers. Some were called keepers, others were beaters, and some were chasers. Don't ask me which was which.

There was also something called a snitch, which you’re supposed to try and catch. But actually tackling the snitch is a big no-no, as we learned on Friday.

The tournament was separated by grade, with the junior class—House Slytherin—topping the senior-laded House Gryffindor.

During a stop in play, members of the West Anne Arundel County Rotary Club presented the Interact Club with a special banner. Rotary International is a sponsor of Interact Clubs at schools around the world.

Arundel juniors Ashi Parikh and Jordan Luber helped organize the event, which partially supported their . The pair said they are now about halfway to their goal of raising $10,000, and said the quidditch tournament was their most successful fundraiser to date.

“We’re really psyched,” Luber said. “We saw a lot of energy, and with that I think we’d like to do this again next year.”

Arundel is not the first local school to hold a quidditch tournament. held one last fall

lorrie short March 24, 2012 at 11:55 AM
What a great idea, looks like it was alot of fun. KUDOS to all involved


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