A Surprise Act of Generosity at Van Bokkelen

Klehe Bradshaw saved her babysitting money and donated bags of food to 10 families with children at Van Bokkelen Elementary School.

The community at Van Bokkelen Elementary School recently got a surpise dose of generosity from a local middle schooler.

13-year-old old Klehe Bradshaw, who attends Chesapeake Point Science School, recently used her own savings to buy food for needy families at the Severn school.

According to school social worker Claudette Robinson, Klehe had been saving money from babysitting for more than a month. She used the money to buy food and other items for 10 families at the school.

"It was so touching," Robinson told Patch. "We had one parent who had just come to the office to inquire about our school’s food pantry that no longer exists and was able to receive a direct donation from [Klehe]."

"There are still some great people in the world and tis’ the season for giving," Robinson added.


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