Four Sizable Homes for Under $250K in Odenton

Here's a look at some homes with a least four bedrooms and a reasonable price.

It's possible to get a lot of home for a reasonable amount of money. Patch found these four homes for sale in Odenton selling at less than $250,000. All have at least four bedrooms. 

Click on the links to see the full listings from AOL Real Estate. 

2209 Commisary Circle

  • Four bedrooms, four bathrooms
  • $249,900

2115 Commodore Ct. 

  • Four bedrooms, six bathrooms
  • $237,000

1104 Colony Ridge Rd.

  • Four bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • $210,000

500 Bruce Ave.

  • Four bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • $210,000
Suzette Bressler February 01, 2013 at 05:08 PM
2115 Commodore Ct. Six bathrooms. Really? I live in a townhome about the same size and I only have 2.5 bathrooms. I am very jealous. Personally, I would not trust AOL's listings. I've looked at some of them in the past and the prices were way, way off. Just saying.


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