Could Odenton Get a Sonic?

The possible development of two small restaurant spaces on Annapolis Road could open the door for the drive-in restaurant.

It's almost common knowledge at this point that Sonic is among the most sought-after eateries among people in Odenton. 

The drive-in restaurant known for its footlong hot dogs and cherry slushes comes up often when people inquire about what's coming to down. 

Sonic was the subject of discussion on Tuesday night, when a landowner presented plans for a new retail and office project on Annapolis Road, just to the west of the Royal Farms store. The Odenton Town Center Plan Oversight Committee recommended approval of a sketch plan for the project.

Plans for the Gardner Center development call for a 21,800 square-foot retail pad, but also include a pair of smaller, standalone retails spots measuring 1,600 square feet. 

What restaurant, committee members asked, could fit into a 1,600 square-foot spot?

Project engineer Nestor Arocho specifically mentioned Checkers and Sonic as chains known for their small buildings. 

To be clear, no one has any idea yet if Sonic plans to move here or not, and the landowner has not signed any leases at the site. The landowner has offered no details on which restaurants and retailers he is talking to. 

But this may mark the first time that Sonic has been mentioned as a potential fit for a specific site.

In the case of Sonic, it's worth noting that while the restaurants' buildings are small, they do take up some extra space due to the drive-up nature of the parking.

If a Sonic is built, there is reason to believe it could do well in Odenton. Other fast food restaurants along Annapolis Road, including KFC and McDonald's, are consistently busy. And the population of there area is growing.

Moreover, that location on Annapolis Road is smack-dab between two large high schools, making it a prime spot for students to go grab an after-school snack with their friends.

Right now, Sonic has few outlets locally, with only 10 within a 100 mile radius. There is one in Edgewater and three in the Baltimore area. 

Whether Sonic comes to Odenton is anyone's guess. But it's fun to speculate. 

Would you like to see Sonic come to Odenton?

Tracy November 29, 2012 at 07:50 PM
We need more choices of quick restaurants. The McDonalds in Odenton is the worst and when you complain to the owner you get excuses and no resolution. Some nights a fast food places are unavoidable for a busy family. It would be nice to have a selection.
Mark November 29, 2012 at 08:02 PM
I've got great results with the management at the McDonalds in Odenton. I received my next visit's entire order free when I complained about a shift leader's attitude.
John November 29, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Dunno about Sonic. The reason we don't to Checkers often is because there's no place to eat in. Although Sonic offers the ability to pull up and eat in your car, that's a bit of a cluster - tried it a few times at the one south of Annapolis.
Bryon November 30, 2012 at 01:09 AM
I complained to the McD owner about a problem I had with the manager; they gave me a free meal coupon but the issues with poor service, opening late,missing items from your order, being out of items for days at a time and charging .10 for extra BBQ sauce have not changed. I'd rather drive to Chick Fil-A in Ganbrills.
Tommy Warshaw III November 30, 2012 at 12:04 PM
The only thing I like from Sonic is their cherry limeades. Of all the eateries I miss from my 7 years in South Carolina, Sonic is not one of them.


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