What Do Cyber Workers Earn?

There are thousands of new jobs coming to cyber commands at Fort Meade. Anecdotally, it seems that they pay pretty well.

I reported last week that U.S. Cyber Command is planning a major hiring push as it expands its role as an agency under the Department of Defense. One estimate from the Washington Post said the agency could grow from 900 to 4,900 workers. 

What kinds of jobs are these? Well, it's hard to say at this point but we can assume many of them will be positions for talented and smart people with a very specific set of skills. Disabling an enemy computer system remotely from halfway around the world is not something left to amateurs. 

I've heard the term "family-supporting" jobs thrown around, and while that doesn't refer to a specific pay range, it can indicate a job of somewhere near $100,000. (We know families that can get by comfortably on less, but it isn't easy around here.)

A glance at the USA Jobs website gives some clues as well. Using the search term "cyber," I found listings for 20 jobs within a 50 square-mile radius of Fort Meade. Now, these are not all U.S. Cyber Command workers, but they could be positions requiring similar skill sets.

Here's a general idea of salary ranges for some of these jobs: 

Intelligence specialist: $89,033 - $136,771
Division Director: $119,554 - $179,700 
IT Specialist: $89,033 - $115,742 
Deputy Operations Director:  $143,500 - $165,300
Computer Engineer: $105,211 - $136,771

This is hardly a scientific analysis of what we can expect from U.S. Cyber Command, but it can give us a sense of what's to come. These are good jobs with decent salaries, presumably for people with high levels of education. That could have an impact on everything from home prices, the health of the retail market and the quality of local schools. 


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