Cyber Commands To Bring More Than 2,800 Jobs

Anne Arundel County officials have received some of the first hard projections on the number of workers coming to Fort Meade as a result of six new cyber command operations.

The United States Cyber Command and its related groups will bring more than 1,000 workers to Fort Meade by the end of next fall, with another 1,800 added within five years, according to new data released by Anne Arundel County.

The county's task force on the federal base realignment and closure (BRAC) proceedings said the main offices of U.S. Cyber Command will attract 1,300 employees by the end of fall in 2013.

Meanwhile, cyber commands for five arms of the military will also see hundreds of new workers by the end of this fall, county officials said. The county projects more than 2,800 total cyber-related workers by the end of 2016.

Cyber workers would be housed in three new buildings at Fort Meade: a 675,000-square-foot data center and two 200,000-square-foot operation centers. The cyber offices would also use a new 150 megawatt electrical substation.

County officials gathered their data from sources at Fort Meade throughout the fall.

The U.S. Cyber Command is in charge of protecting the Department of Defense Computer networks and also supports the cyberspace element of any military action. The nation's cyberspace capabilities were even with major cuts to other areas of defense expected during the next decade.

The latest projections from the county provide some of the first hard numbers on cyber-related employment. The new employees come in addition to those 5,600 new workers now at Fort Meade as a result of the BRAC-related expansion in 2011.

Here's the breakdown of how many cyber workers will be on Fort Meade, and when. The numbers indicate the projected total number of employees at that point in time. Fiscal years end in October.

Fort Meade Cyber Commands Current Workforce FY12 FY13 FY16 US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) 0 1,300* 10th Fleet and Navy Fleet Cyber 0 297 Marine Corps Cyber 102 211 275 Army Cyber 0 289* Army Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM) Cyber 0 673 24th Air Force Cyber Command 0 70

*Indicates some employees may arrive in FY 2012


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