Could Odenton Use Some Car Charging Stations?

A new report says there aren't enough charging stations in the region to encourage the use of electric cars. Should Odenton get some?

I read with interest this morning an article in the Washington Post, stating that the Washington area does not have enough charging stations to encourage the use of electric cars. 

According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, there are 133 charging stations in the area, with 500 cars. 

The group says the cars cost about 4 cents a mile to operate, compared to 13 cents for a typical car. However, "the region’s charging infrastructure and policies are not sufficient to encourage widespread adoption of the vehicles."

It made me wonder whether we have enough charging stations in this area to encourage use of the cars. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, the closest charging stations to Odenton are in the garage near the Residences at Arundel Preserve in Hanover. There's also one at Tischer Nissan in Laurel, which sells the all-electric Nissan Leaf. 

There were rumors that charging stations would be put in at the Village at Odenton Station near the MARC station, but so far that has not come to fruition. Walgreens—which is opening in Odenton later this fall—has added car charging stations at many of its stores, so it's worth watching whether they'll add them here.

In theory, electric charging stations could make sense in Odenton. Planners are trying to encourage a transit-oriented community, and those people who are big on public transit are often more environmentally conscious. 

Do you use an electric-powered car in Odenton? If so, are you finding it convenient to charge it? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

BadStatistics October 18, 2012 at 05:50 PM
I definitely did not buy an electric car because there aren't enough charging stations. Not because the average cost of the vehicle is $38,000 but, because there's not a charging station at Odenton MARC.
Edward Charles October 19, 2012 at 12:39 PM
More charging stations will directly lead to more electric cars for the short hop to mass transit systems including MARC, Light Rail, and Metro. Where is our Governor on this issue? Seems to be a perfect topic where he can show leadership.


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