Be a Bowling Alley Waiter: New Jobs at Fort Meade

From advisor to the Cyber Brigade commander to bowling alley waiter, there are jobs available at the installation.

Earlier this week we reported about thousands of new jobs coming to Fort Meade due to the expansion of U.S. Cyber Command. Most of those jobs aren't posted yet, but there are still a number of other federal positions open at the installation. 

Click on these links to see the full listings from USA Jobs. 

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Department: Army
Salary: $62,467 to $81,204
Description: Manages a sexual assault response and prevention program. 
Requirements: Completion of 80-hour SHARP Course and DOD Certification. Specialized experience equivalent to the GG/GS-09 level. 

IT Specialist

Department: Defense Security Service
Salary: $89,033 to $115,742
Description: Perform security assessments and reviews at contractor facilities, analyze contractor security plans. 
Requirements: Specialized experience equivalent to the GG/GS-13 level. 

Personal Security Specialist

Department: Defense Intelligence Agency
Salary: $74,872 to $97,333
Description: Performing moderately difficult security duties. Protects sensitive information and programs.
Requirements: Security experience, must pass polygraph.


Department: Army Intelligence and Security Command
Salary: $105,211 to $136,771
Description: Provides legal advice to the Cyber Brigade Commander and staff.
Requirements: Law degree, bar membership, at least three years of law experience.

Bowling Alley Waiter

Department: Garrison Command
Salary: $9.45-$11.05/hour
Description: Serve food and beverages to bowlers.
Requirements: Some related experience.


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