Two Officers Injured In Arrest Attempt

Police say Stephen Lee Wise of Odenton resisted arrest and tried to take one officer's sidearm. Five officers were called to the scene Sunday near the corner of Waugh Chapel and Dairy Farm Roads.

Two Anne Arundel County police officers were hospitalized Sunday night after trying to subdue a man who resisted arrest and tried to take an officer's handgun, police said.

Corporal Lester Brumfeld and Officer Timothy Peek sustained minor injuries in their efforts to arrest Stephen Lee Wise, 33, of Williamsburg Lane in Odenton.

According to a police account, officers were called to the corner of Waugh Chapel Road and Dairy Farm Road about 7 p.m. Sunday after a woman said that Wise had walked into the roadway and then pounded on her hood and sat on her bumper, preventing her from moving.

An officer arrived on the scene and demanded that Wise to remove his hands and show identification, but Wise did not comply, police said.

The officer determined that Wise may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol and tried to take Wise into custody. He called for backup after Wise resisted arrest.

A second officer arrived on the scene, but Wise continued to be aggressive, even after the officers sprayed him with pepper spray, police said. At one point, police said, Wise straddled one of the officers and attempted to remove his handgun from his holster.

Officers then declared an emergency, and three more officers arrived on the scene. The police account said that one of the officers used a taser, which was ineffective, but four officers eventually succeeded in applying leg and hand restraints.

Wise was taken to Anne Arundel County Medical Center and later released. He was charged with disorderly conduct, attempted destruction of property, resisting arrest, two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer and attempting to disarm a law enforcement officer.

Cpl. Brumfeld and Officer Peek were taken to Baltimore-Washington Medical Center and later released.

Police reports said they found an unattended Jeep Cherokee belonging to Wise around the corner on Chapelgate Road. It was idling and the door was left open. 


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