School, County Officials Say Threats are Unfounded

Leaders from the police department, school system and county stressed that rumors of a school shooting this Friday are not credible.

Not long after local school officials quashed rumors of a planned school shooting this week, the police department, county executive and school superintendent reiterated that there is no evidence of a credible threat to students. 

The Anne Arundel County Police Department held a press conference Wednesday alongside County Executive John R. Leopold and Superintendent Kevin Maxwell to assuage concerns from the community.  

"Thus far, we have found no truth to any of it," said Lt. Doyle Batten, who heads the school security program for the county. 

On Monday, administrators at Old Mill shot down rumors of a planned school shooting, and Arundel High officials offered a similar response on Tuesday. 

In both cases, administrators said they worked with police to investigate the source of rumors, but found nothing of substance. 

Read the full report about the county's response on Anne Arundel Patch. 


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