Family Moving On After House Fire

The Maryland Gazette caught up with the Hontz family, which has been trying to get their life back on track after a fire.

Readers may remember the story of the Hontz family, which was displaced last month by a fire in the house they were renting in Hanover.

Sara Blumberg from The Maryland Gazette caught up with the family, and reports that the family has found new lodging at a parsonage owned by the in Severn.

The newspaper also reports that a surgery for Dustin Hontz went well.

“It’s hard to go through something like this, but we are strong and determined to take it day by day,” Jennifer Hontz told The Maryland Gazette.

Click to read the Gazette's full story about the Hontz's.

Update: Wendy van Vliet of the Delmont United Methodist Church said that since the Gazette story was published, the family has been offered help with medical bills, and the church has received offers to help repair a chimney on the parsonage, which was damaged by lightning.

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