Justice for Vernon my best friend in the world

My boy before AACO  PD muddered him ! in his own yard
My boy before AACO PD muddered him ! in his own yard
On April 26, 2014 my best friend Ches-a-bar Vernon Goldnut Reeves would have been 5 years old.  He was shot and killed by a one year rookie police officer of Anne Arundle County PD(north).  Vern was in his own yard at the time of the murder. I am heading home this week from Afghanistan to be with his remains and his partner Jazz.  May my boy continue to swim in the Heavens of the Chesapeake ! Buddy I miss you and will see you very soon. 
Linda Rogers April 27, 2014 at 03:43 PM
Rest in Peace Vern. Senseless tragedy.
Laura Wood April 27, 2014 at 04:19 PM
• Here's something for the policemen and politicians to consider before writing their future... Mr. Policeman, a little food for thought...for every dog that is or was murdered by a policeman you have left or will leave behind a trail of children with PTSD, some may not even realize it for days, weeks, months or even years. You are singled handedly and sub- consciously removing all trust in law enforcement they may have had and taught them all about murder. You are not killing a murderer, robber, etc….but instead you are killing a companion, a friend, someone they love. Don't be surprised if one day all of this comes back to haunt you and the only one to blame will be yourselves. Every time a child watches a video or hears of a policeman shooting / killing or dragging someone’s pet off or talks about a policeman shooting / killing or dragging someone’s pet off, which with today’s technology will be every minute of every day, another child will develop PTSD. This is your legacy for the children of our future. ---- And when a child experiences a traumatic event, which is what you are providing a lot of, it will often follow them throughout life. Obviously policeman shooting/killing and dragging dogs off to their deaths is a practice of brutality that has been going on for some time and it is only because of today’s technology / social media that it has been brought out in the open and exposed it to the masses. The World is watching and speaking …and I hope these policeman stop and think about the consequences of their actions and change their practices before they create a society of children with little to no regard for life….they are affecting their own children as well and are probably not even aware of it. The children are watching not only the policeman but any and everyone involved including the politicians allowing this barbaric practice… Parents when your child or any child asks you why that policeman is killing peoples dogs/pets/family members….give them the police department, mayor, governor and anyone else involved phone number and tell them to ask that person….They are the ones murdering these dogs/pets/family members let them explain it to the children they are affecting….. Continue taking pictures and videos for posting so the world can see. Also provide a list of Names with email addresses physical addresses and phone numbers to Police department heads, government offices and anyone else you can think of, so people of the world can have a medium to voice their opinions/feelings on what is being done there and so they can SHARE...SHARE...SHARE… These agencies need to be and will be bombarded with calls, emails and letters from around the world… then maybe they will rethink what they are planning to do....who knows maybe and Hopefully "ANONYMOUS" will pick up on this and assist in our fight. Their motto is "JUSTICE IS COMING'... just ask the police dept. in Hawthorne California.. . .....your actions serve only to further desensitize the minds of the people and our children regarding law enforcement......... Get any and every bit of information you can about that cop to include pictures of him, place of employment with phone numbers and email addresses and anything significant. Then post it and SHARE----SHARE----SHARE for the World to see. This will also give the world a venue to respond and voice their opinion on that cops murderous action. No one likes their dirty laundry exposed, especially to the world...
John Ho April 28, 2014 at 02:02 PM
Very sad, and sorry to hear that hometown police could not protect, and not kill your best friend while you are serving in Afghanistan. RIP Vernon. RIP Jose Gurena, other veterans killed by domestic police.
Bonnie Boduk April 28, 2014 at 05:12 PM
There should be NO PLACE on ANY police force for nervous ninnies. Too many deaths of dogs (and people!) caused by too many irresponsible and scared "police officers". It is way past time for a complete shake down of ALL police departments in ALL STATES.


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