"Dynamic Pro-Military Music Video" (3 min)

Much that Military folks would like to say about the actions of "DC politicians"  is in this video - - - If you like "They Too Are",   please tell others that the video is listed in " Patch Conversations (Speak Out)" - - - NORMAL SIZING version at - - -
Dr. Dave December 27, 2013 at 03:35 AM
A little feedback for whoever put this together. Just a couple of slides into the presentation, the word 'principals' should be 'principles.' The music was a little spooky, but then it stopped less than halfway through and there was nothing in the last half. The subtitles were very difficult to read with the small white text, especially when white or light backgrounds popped up behind it. All said, I'm not sure the message the author is trying to send is very clear. I wasn't sure if it was patriotic, something about how the military just does what it's told, how the war is just because we're fighting the terrorists, or how the politicians got the military into a fight the military doesn't think we should be in. SGM, US Army (Retired)


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