Curb Appeal: Annuals and Perennials

Now that the frost is gone, it’s time to get those annuals in the ground and enjoy your perennial blooms. This is part one of a two part feature.

Curb appeal is a household term and important one in real estate. There are many homes that are beautiful inside but it’s hard to get a buyer in the door because the curb appeal is not inviting.

Unfortunately, buyers assume if the outside isn’t lovely, neither is the inside. Curb appeal should be on the top of a sellers’ to-do list but is also important to showing the pride of home ownership in any neighborhood.

Recently, I took a trip to Anne Arundel County Farm, Lawn and Garden Center on Dorsey Road. Their staff is very knowledgeable in anything outside. I took a small notebook and four pages of notes. We talked about flowers, trees, grass seed, fertilizer, lime, mulch and soil. If you bring them a sample of your soil, they will do a soil test for $5 and tell you exactly what you need to have a beautiful lawn.

I learned that a mix of annuals (flowers that bloom one time and die such as pansy, marigold and begonia) and perennials (flowers that come back every year such as tulips, lilies, and daffodils) are the best.

The perennials provide some low maintenance gardening while the annuals give some immediate pop of color. Especially this year when our nighttime temperatures have just begun staying above freezing and our blooms can finally come out.  

I also learned in talking with some experts, the proper way to set up a garden for low maintenance and continuous beauty.

Once an area is designated to garden, loosen the soil and mix in some bagged garden soil. If your soil is a rich dark color this extra soil may not be necessary. Next, roll down a weed cloth and secure it with garden stakes. This prevents weed’s form taking over your garden.

Choose a mix of perennials and annuals. Organize your plants while still in the container so you can see where they will be in the garden. Keep in mind your perennials will come back every year but you will be replacing annuals in the spring and possibly fall. Puncture a hole in the weed cloth with a trowel and did the proper size hole for your plant/bulb. Once you have planted everything, cover with mulch to help maintain moisture in your garden.

Add some border bricks if you like and some yard/garden ornaments and enjoy your beautiful curb appeal!


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