Backflow Program - lawn sprinklers

Apparently Anne Arundel County passed a lucrative income program benifitting Master Plumbers! I am disgusted with the requirement to have an annual blackflow prevention assembly test conducted on my lawn sprinkler system.  The code requires that the test be conducted by a "certified and licensed tester".  They mean a Master Plumber, who charges around $200 for a 30 second test.  I watched him conduct the test last year, so I know how long it takes, and what expertise is involved.  Not much of either! I was shocked when he said the bill was $200.  I consider this a ripoff, and believe someone in the Dept of Public Works, Bureau of Utility Operations wrote in the requirement that only a master plumber can conduct the test.  The lawn sprinkler company I use said they are prohibited by the code from doing the backflow prevention assembly test.  I want to know who is the corrupt individual who made this decision, and whether there was any public announcement that a test would be requiredd, and whether the public was given the opportunity to provide their input before the code was passed.  I would like our County Backflow Program Manager, Justin Manns, to explain how and why this code was passed and why can't a lawn sprinkler company conduct the required test. 

Thomas Chorba Sr.
Severn, MD 


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