Eating With A Baby--The Greene Turtle

Eating With A Baby review a Friday night dinner service at The Greene Turtle at Waugh Chapel Towne Centre.

This week’s review is of the Greene Turtle at Waugh Chapel Towne Centre (perhaps it should be the Green Turtle at Waugh Chapel Town Center, but that discussion is for another day.)

As a regional chain, most of you probably have seen a Greene Turtle around the area or have seen their commercials on TV.  The Greene Turtle is basically a family sports bar with a lot of televisions and a lot of tables and booths.  Upon entering the adequate waiting area, we noticed a claw machine and a cocktail video game cabinet to keep kids of all ages entertained.  At this visit, not our first, just before prime time on a Friday night, my wife arrived first and after some trouble finding a parking space, was seated right away and ordered drinks and boneless wings.  Later, when I arrived with my daughter, they did not have slings, so my wife flipped over a high chair to accommodate our daughter’s car seat since she was asleep.

A note about car seats in restaurants.  Some restaurants now have baby slings which are meant to accommodate your car seat and are very stable.  However, if the restaurant does not have a baby sling, the only options are to flip over a high chair or set the car seat on top of a regular chair, the table, or on the floor. (We often set her next to us in a booth, but none were available that night.)  Parents should be careful when flipping over a high chair, as some high chairs are beveled, and the back is higher than the front.  This leads to less stablity and is not recommended by the manufacturer.  The floor is the safest option, but your child will have a lot less to look at to keep her occupied while you enjoy your meal!

For the record, the flipped over high chair was slightly unstable, but we were able to secure the seat against the table, so we were able to leave our daughter there, especially since she slept through most of the meal.

Drinks arrived in a timely fashion, we ordered our entrées, and we waited, and waited, and waited.  It took about 25 minutes for our boneless wings appetizer to come out.  When it did come out, the wings were overdone and the breading was tough.  The flavor on the wings was ok…  the smoky BBQ was mild to my taste, but adequate;  the Maryland flavored wings were overseasoned.  Now, I love Old Bay on wings, and the more the better, but even this was too much for me.  The bottom of each of the Maryland boneless wings was caked with Old Bay, which was overpowering.

About 5 minutes after we finished our boneless wings, our entrees came out.  My wife got the All American Burger, and I got the fish and chips.  My wife’s burger was overdone and bland.  The terrapin sauce on the side was tasty, but that did not make up for crusty burger.  The accompanying chips were good and tasty.

My entrée was worse.  The fish was overdone, greasy, and the breading was as hard as a rock.  The fish inside was dry and bland, so I had to use extra tartar sauce to compensate.  The fries were ok, just average.  The cole slaw on the side was relatively bland to my taste because all of the sauce was stuck on the bottom of the container. 

Now, some of you reading this may wonder, why didn’t either of us send our meals back and give them a chance to make it up to us, especially on a busy Friday night?  The reason is that we now have a baby with us and time is a precious commodity.  While our daughter is usually content to hang out with us at restaurants, she has been known to get fussy on occasion when she is tired and bored with her surroundings.  Luckily, when she woke up at The Greene Turtle, she was mesmerized with all of the televisions surrounding us.  That is a big plus when going out to eat with a baby!

The men’s bathroom did not have a changing table, and my wife did not check if there was a changing table in the women’s bathroom.  Noise level was very manageable, and with the claw machine and the cocktail video game cabinet, there are some things for kids to do while you are waiting for food to come.

In summary, I asked my wife what her favorite part of the meal was, and she said, “The iced tea.”  She had gotten the sugar free citrus tea for her drink.  It was tasty, just like my Diet Pepsi.  The Greene Turtle would be a nice place to go to see your favorite team play when they’re not on local tv, and it was moderately comfortable with our daughter in tow, but due to the food, we’ll probably pass on going there again when we are in search of a good meal.  For an appetizer, two entrees, and two soft drinks it ran us $35 before gratuity, which would be pretty reasonable for us for a good meal.

I look forward to seeing your comments, and whether you’ve had the same experience, or an experience that was either better or worse than ours.  Thanks for reading!

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Calique January 07, 2013 at 02:15 PM
I agree that the food at the GT is underwhelming at best, awful at worst. I'd go there to see a guitar player on a weekend evening, but I'd eat elsewhere first. ONE TIME I had a tasty entree there, it was a the GT in Arundel Mills where I got the fish tacos. Those were good but everything else I've ever gotten there (worst burger EVER!) has been marginal. It's like they get all their food from a SYSCO box and microwave it. Passable beer selection, though!


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