Report Calls for More Transportation Funds

Transportation experts outlined a plan encouraging federal lawmakers to fund road improvements and public transit.

Infrastructure improvements have become a hot issue in the Odenton and Severn area, as residents and commuters contend with the added congestion on area roads caused by .

The issue gained new attention on Monday as federal transportation experts issued a report asking members of Congress to do something about the nation's vast infrastructure needs.

A report released Tuesday from officials involved in the David R. Goode National Transportation Policy Conference said members of congress appear to be unwilling or unable to find a bipartisan solution to America's transportation problems.

Still, the group issued a four-part strategy to get lawmakers' attention. The plan includes:

  • Setting a positive tone that frames the transportation debate around economic growth and jobs.
  • Planning the campaign around the important dates in the election year and the transportation calendar.
  • Building awareness through smarter use of traditional and social media.
  • Coordination to link local transportation investment opportunities with national policy decisions. 

The conference met in November at the University of Virginia and included five former U.S. Transportation Secretaries dating back to 1987.

The group said it was hopeful that efforts to promote an economic recovery would include talk of funding for infrastructure. The group has called for as much as $262 billion annually to be spent on infrastructure improvements through 2035. The Washington Post reported Monday that other groups have pushed for as much as $2 trillion in investments between now and 2020.

Locally, officials said more than $1.1 billion is needed to accomodate the growth at the military installation, but .

The demand for funds has been so great that even business leaders——called for Maryland to increase its flat gas tax to pay for transportation upgrades. The Maryland legislature ended its 2012 session with no agreement on the issue, although there has been discussion of a special session to continue tackling budget needs.

Whether the issue will be ressurected in Maryland remains uncertain, but experts from the policy conference said they hoped  transportation needs would be at the forefront of the national discussion this year.

They acknowledged that being heard will be hard in an election year, especially with the recent "extreme political polarization and intense resistance to public spending of all kinds."

The ultimate goal, they said, was for the public to become aware of the dangers of an underfunded transportation system.

"It is our belief that once citizens become aware of the significant costs and risks associated with a compromised transportation system operating at less than optimal capacity, they will feel more compelled to demand calls for action that will, in turn, prompt policymakers to act,” the report said.

Later this week, Odenton-Severn Patch will begin a . To "nominate" a traffic chokepoint for coverage, leave a comment below.

Midge April 24, 2012 at 12:35 PM
"The ultimate goal, they said, was for the public to become aware of the dangers of an underfunded transportation system." And just who made this system underfunded? I've paid my taxes -- a lot of taxes --- and I am being told that it is not enough and they need more. But they had money for roads. They just took it. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. I am neither Peter nor Paul, but I am still getting robbed.
Arinmy October 06, 2012 at 07:59 AM
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