Five Large Homes For Sale in Odenton, Severn

This week, Patch takes a look at some of the larger homes on the market.

Sometimes it's a good idea to dream big. Everyone likes the idea of a big home with a plenty of storage and lots of space to stash the kids, the dog and even your mother-in-law. Of course, homes like that are not cheap. But it's fun to look.

Here are five of the biggest homes for sale in Odenton and Severn. Click on the links for the full listing.


8312 Banister Rd., Severn

Size: 5 BR, 5 BA, 6,335 square feet
Price: $575,000
Broker: Coldwell Banker, (410) 224-2200.


301 Chase Hill Ct., Severn

Size: 5 BR, 4 BA, 4,279 square feet.
Price: $525,000
Broker: Robert Lucido, RE/MAX (240) 295-6015.


1562 Star Stella Dr., Odenton

Size: 5 BR, 4 BA
Price: $638,000
Broker: RE/Max


2319 Meadows Ct., Odenton

Size: 5 BR, 4 BA, 2,131 square feet
Price: $508,429
Broker: Richmond American Homes


2332 Crosslanes Way, Odenton

Size: 5 BR, 4 BA 3,952 square feet
Price: $475,000
Broker: RE/MAX

 Source: AOL Real Estate


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