Alleged WikiLeaks Source To Be Arraigned at Fort Meade

Pfc. Bradley Manning will appear at Fort Meade Thursday and enter a plea on charges that he divulged classified information.

The young Army private accused of divulging thousands of pages of classified documents to the website WikiLeaks is expected to be arraigned at Fort Meade Thursday.

The Associated Press reports that Pfc. Bradley Manning will be asked to enter a plea and whether he wants to be tried by a jury or judge.

The 24-year-old Manning has been detained since May 2010 and is facing 22 counts relating to the distribution of more than 700,000 pages of classified documents.

He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Manning's supporters gathered at Fort Meade last month for a pretrial hearing, resulting in the temporary closure of one lane of Maryland Route 175. 

On the Fort Meade Facebook page, officials said supporters could return and gather at the Reece Road gate.


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