Local Entrepreneur Uses Aerial Video Technology to Take Home Inspections to New Heights

Gold Key Home Inspections uses aerial video technology to inspect roofs as part of its home inspection services.
Gold Key Home Inspections uses aerial video technology to inspect roofs as part of its home inspection services.

Millersville, MD – February 24, 2014. Bob Pavlik, President of Gold Key Home Inspections, has announced that his company will incorporate aerial video technology (AVT) into its home inspection service offerings to allow more thorough and safer inspection of roofs.

According to Gold Key’s president, Bob Pavlik, AVT offers many advantages to home buyers. It saves time. It eliminates the potential for damage to the gutters from an inspector’s ladder. It allows a more thorough roof inspection of dormers, cupolas, gutters, ridgelines and other hard to access areas of the roof. In addition, it allows inspection of a wet or icy roof, roofs with a steep pitch and roofs covered with tile, slate or other materials that inhibit a physical inspection.

In addition, the AVT sends a live feed to a Bluetooth enabled device via secure network and allows the inspector to record problems and share results with customers in real time.

Pavlik, a licensed home inspector who has been performing home inspections full time since 2004, is a veteran of the roofing industry and an experienced radio control aircraft pilot. He said, “I am excited to offer this new technology to our customers as part of our standard home inspection services. I view the quadcopter as a technologically advanced tool to aid in the inspection of a roof and will use it in instances where a physical inspection is prohibited by safety or other factors.”

About Gold Key Home Inspectionswww.goldkeyinspections.com – Founded in 2004, Gold Key Home Inspections provides a full range of real estate related inspection services, including general home inspections, termite (WDI/WDO) inspections and environmental and indoor air quality inspections such as mold, radon and well water to home buyers and sellers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Gold Key Home Inspections’ mission is to provide quality home and environmental inspection services in a professional, ethical, responsible and caring manner. The company’s goal is to establish customer trust and valued satisfaction with the most progressive services and tools as well as qualified, certified, licensed inspectors.

Link to video presentation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqvRJ7Brdic) of a roof inspection using Aerial Inspection Technology.

For more information, contact Bob Pavlik at 410-440-8655 or bob@goldkeyinspections.com.



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