Zoning Change Sought for Boys and Girls Club in Gambrills

The Four Seasons Community Association will distribute a survey to residents asking for their input on the proposal.

A survey will be available within the next couple of days to ask Gambrills area residents how they feel about a proposed zoning change that would allow for a new Boys and Girls Club near the Village at Waugh Chapel.

Members of the Four Seasons Community Association, local residents, community leaders and developers discussed the upcoming survey during a meeting at the Village Commons Community Center in Gambrills on Thursday.

At issue is a proposal to rezone an area near the Village at Waugh Chapel for development that could include a $12 million Boys and Girls Club in conjunction with the Y of Central Maryland.

About 20 people including state Sen. Ed Reilly, R-Crofton, were at the meeting. 

The discussion included concerns that the plan could increase traffic on state Route 3 and Waugh Chapel Road, thus creating a need for more traffic lights, access roads and sidewalks in the area.

A. Eugene Oaksmith, vice president of strategic development for the Y of Central Maryland Association Office, presented a sketch of what the proposed Boys and Girls Club/Y of Central Maryland facility would resemble.

Stefan Conyer, a community liaison with Reliable Development Company, LLC., said the developer wants to cooperate with community needs. 

“We’re trying to make this project work with your community,” he said. “We’re your neighbors,” Conyer said. “We want you to shop there and we want you to be happy.”

Andrew Pruski, president of the Four Seasons Community Association and a member of the Anne Arundel Board of Education, said he wants to know what area residents have to say about the proposal.

The survey will be available on the Four Seasons website in the next couple of days, he said. Within the next two weeks, the association’s board will review the surveys and vote to accept, reject, apply conditions or take no stand on the plan, he said. 

“Our association wants to have a voice,” he said. “We line up to this property.” 

Pruski said the project would likely generate healthy revenue for the area, but traffic congestion and overcrowded schools could also result from the plan.

“Development is here,” he said. “It’s a mixed blessing.” 

The Pentagon's base realignment and closure (BRAC) process will also bring more people to the area, he said.

“The reality of BRAC coming is here,” Pruski said. 

Additionally, the idea that a private source would pay for a pricey recreational facility can’t be overlooked, he said.

“County schools don’t have money,” he said of a shortage of funds available for schools to spend on recreational facilities. “I’m pretty excited about a (Boys and Girls Club) and YMCA.” 

To learn more about the Four Seasons Community Association, visit www.fsca.net.

To learn more about the Y of Central Maryland, visit www.ymaryland.org.


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