VIDEOS: More Progress at Haven Apartments

Construction of a new apartment complex near the roundabout in east Odenton is continuing rapidly.

It's been a little while since Patch checked in on the progress of The Haven at Odenton Gateway project.

I spoke in January with Dan Rountree and Jennifer Geroux of Johnson Development, who led me on a tour of the site. There are 250 apatment units planned near the circle at Annapolis Road and Sappington Station Road.

Since then, Rountree has been busy on YouTube, uploading frequent videos of the construction in progress. With good weather, the project appears to be on track for some units to be open by spring.

The most recent video from Feb. 18 shows some of the interior of the actual apartment units themselves. A video from Feb. 12 shows some similar interior footage as well as some good outside shots of the lodge, or community center.

A video shot on Feb. 5 has shots from a top-floor unit onto the ground below.

A Jan. 30 video shows footage from the inside of the lodge just before it was being inspected by officials from the National Green Building Council.


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