'Hess Truck' On Sale Again at Local Station

A sign at the local Hess station reminds us that the holidays are approaching.

If you're like me and love the traditions of the holiday season, you might have a collection of Hess Trucks somewhere in your house. 

I have about a dozen of them that I've gotten as gifts, so when I went into the Hess station on Annapolis Road for a fill-up, I was pleased to see that the newest truck went on sale Friday. 

As it turns out, this year's "truck" is not a truck at all, but a rescue helicopter and SUV. The toy sells for $26.99 and includes batteries. 

Hess has been selling toy trucks around Christmastime since 1964. Some of the older trucks are quite valuable. 

This is the third time Hess has sold a toy helicopter. I have the one from 2006, and there was also one sold in 2001. 

It still seems early to be seeing signs of the holidays, but here it is. 

What other signs of the holiday season have you seen already?


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