December Casino Revenue Rises 44 Percent Over 2012

Total revenue from casinos dropped to its lowest monthly total since table games came to Maryland Live!

Casino revenue in Maryland rose $20 million
Casino revenue in Maryland rose $20 million
The introduction of table games at Maryland's casinos this year helped boost December revenue by more than 44 percent over the same month a year ago, though the gamblers did slow their activity at the end of the year. 

The $65 million generated from the state's four casinos in December was $20 million higher than December of 2012, thanks largely to the introduction of live table games in the state earlier in the year, as well as the opening of the Rocky Gap casino in Allegany County. 

But Revenue from the four casinos was about $1,840,000 less than in November of 2013, a 2.7 percent decline during the month. 

The Maryland Live! casino at Arundel Mills was the top revenue-producer in December, pulling in $32.35 million from slots and $20.17 million from table games. While slots revenue fell by about $2 million at Maryland Live during the month, table game money rose by $1 million. 

Maryland Live! reported $433 million from slots and $153 million from table games in 2013. The casino opened live table games in April. 

The Hollywood Casino in Perryville reported $5.41 million from slots and $1.08 million from table games in December, and more than $86 million in total revenue in 2013. 

The Casino at Ocean Downs reported revenue of $3.39 million in December and nearly $52 million in 2013, all from slots. 

The Rocky Gap casino reported $2.18 million from slots and $444,000 from table games in December. In 2013, the casino pulled in $20 million from slots and $3.3 million from table games.

Here's how the $65 million in revenue from Maryland's casinos in December will be distributed: 
  • Casino operators: $15 million from slots, $17 million from table games
  • Education Trust Fund: $21 million from slots, $4 million from table games.
  • Horse racing purses: $2.9 million from slots
  • Local impact grants: $2.3 million from slots
  • Racetrack renewal: $723,000 from slots
  • Maryland lottery: $866,000 from slots
  • Small, minority and women-owned businesses: $634,000 from slots
JaySmith January 13, 2014 at 08:19 AM
Dear Patch: So.....are we supposed to get all excited about this for some reason? The implication is that we give a good god-dam_ about it. I like gambling, esp table games like the Pass Line at craps where's there's almost no House advantage. But I don't give a hoot what the casinos' revenues are. I WOULD, IF the state of Md had said that any casino revenue will decrease income or property taxes. But that's not the way our greedy govt works. So who cares about tax revenue from casinos, UNLESS someone is dumb enough to think that if it weren't coming in, taxes would have to be raised elsewhere? That's the mind-set of someone who thinks govt cannot ever decrease spending. I for one, think it's appalling that govt keeps spending more and more. Who else agrees?


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