Check eBay for Some Unique Local Items

A scan of listings on the popular auction site show some unique items from Odenton and Severn, including a firefighters jacket and an antique wooden spool.

Ebay is a great place to find weird and interesting stuff. Every once in a while, there are items that could be of local interest. Right now, sellers are offering up items with origins in Odenton and Severn.

Some interesting items on sale include:

  • Wooden Spool from The Vectra Co. - This spool—or the material that was wrapped around it—was apparently made in Odenton. Vectra was a subsidiary of the old National Plastics Products Company. The seller wants $1 plus $1.50 in shipping.
  • Baseball Card of John Stefero - This is single card of a player from the Colorado Sky Sox. Stefero is an Odenton native who played for the 1983 Orioles championship team. He's now the general manager of an auto dealership in Glen Burnie. The seller wants $12.99 or best offer.

Do you think you'll bid on any of these items?


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