Cheapest Gas in Town on May 1

Patch comes to the rescue and shows you the cheapest places to fill your gas tank.

On the heels of last week's intriguing  on gas stations and their pricing system, we bring you this week's most affordable places to fill your tank throughout Severn, according to Motor Trend

The cost for a gallon of gas hasn't exceeded $4, but it sure is getting close. 

Lowest - $3.849 

  • Shell- 7845 Quarterfield Rd., Severn
  • Exxon - 7898 Ridge Rd., Hanover
  • Shell - 2631 Old Annapolis Rd., Hanov


Highest - $3.9299

  • Sunoco - 8272 Quarterfield Rd., Severn

If you find a gas station with better prices, let us know in the comments!

William Henry May 01, 2011 at 02:32 PM
$3.84 at Quest on Ritchie hwy and jumpers hole Rd.
Wild Bill Cody May 01, 2011 at 07:06 PM
I always print a copy of my receipt at the pump and keep it in an envelope, then while driving to work, I will call the whitehouse comment line at 202 456-1111...you will be put on hold while getting connected...but when you are asked to leave a comment for the whitehouse comment line...I said, Yes, Please let President Obama know I just paid $$$ a gallon to fill up my gas tank so I can drive to work...so, I can pay taxes to run our government....How much is President Obama and his family paying to put gas in their cars?...I get some very interesting and funny replies...try it sometime..
frank eberle May 02, 2011 at 01:49 PM
Good Morning, Unfortunately I am the owner of today's highest priced Sunoco. Regular today is $3.9990 / gallon but guess what I paid per gallon, guess just how much I am making??? Here is some math for you: I paid - Are you ready for this??? $ 3 . 9 0 2 2 for unleaded, don't believe me stop by and I will show you an invoice. Now think about this: credit card fees on average are about 2.5 percent of the posted price therefore $ 3.9990 X 2.5 % = . 099975 cents and .099975 + 3.9022 = 4.002175 which sadly means that customers who use a non-Sunoco credit are reaching into my pocket for .003175 cents per gallon today. No wonder I am always smiling. If today's market price rises I will check the competition and rise accordingly and , with the news of Bin Ladden's demise, should the market drop I will also check the competition and lower accordingly. Want to buy a Gas Station?????????????? Posted Gas prices vary from place to place thanks to our free-market system, I am not always the highest nor am I the lowest, but you can trust me that I work everyday to be as competitive as I can. Now lets talk about that Vehicle Maintenance you've been putting off. Smiling Frank Ebeerle


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