Are You One of Odenton's 'Sophisticated Squires'?

An analysis of the retail market in Odenton divided the town's population into three distinct groups based on age, income and lifestyle choices.

If you live in one of these apartments, you might be one of Odenton's Enterprising Professionals.
If you live in one of these apartments, you might be one of Odenton's Enterprising Professionals.
The study released Monday outlining the retail market in Odenton offered an interesting analysis of the town's population. 

Authors of the report from Valbridge Real Estate Advisors said most of Odenton's population can be placed into three groups based on age, income, and their overall living habits. 

According to Valbridge, about two-thirds of residents can be categorized as "Enterprising Professionals," "Sophisticated Squires" or "Pleasant-Ville." Which designation are you?

Enterprising Professionals -  They are young, single or newly married. Average age is 32.8 years old. They like to be online, visit theme parks, jog and swim. They like to travel. They listen to sports talk radio and NPR. This group makes up 33.8 percent of people in the Odenton Town Center area. 

Sophisticated Squires - They are married, often with young children. Average age is 39.7 years old. They have white collar jobs, college degrees and live in single-family homes. They like to do their own home improvement projects, cook out on gas grills and probably own two cars. This group makes up 18.7 percent of people in the Odenton Town Center area. 

Pleasant-Ville - These are married couples with older children. They average about 40.5 years old. They live in older, single-family homes and probably drive cars. They hire contractors for their remodeling work. They eat out and go on sightseeing vacations. They clip coupons, but don't mind shopping at upscale stores. They might have long commutes to work. This group makes up 11 percent of people in the Odenton Town Center area.

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Carol B December 11, 2013 at 06:01 PM
None of the above. (Why am I not surprised?) I guess I'm part of "invisible" Odenton--neither 20- or 30-something, nor married-with-children. Maybe that's why I feel I'm such an integral part of the "community."
Christie Lane Craven December 12, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Me either Carol... maybe we can start our own club lol. I'm going to found the "Workaholic Winos" - These 40 somethings put in 50+ hours or more a week and enjoy unwinding with a nice glass of wine after a long day. They live in older single family homes that often need remodeling work they can neither afford or have time to schedule. Their children are grown and they have two or more dogs that listen better than aforementioned children do.
Carol B December 12, 2013 at 07:55 PM
Christie, I'm with you. I don't have any kids, and I'm a decade or so older than you . . . but I otherwise fit your paradigm to a "tee" (right down to the two dogs). My normal week is 55 hours or more . . . a club would be wonderful! (At least I'd have something resembling a social life, with other people who can't "dance until 3"!)


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