Ashley Forrest to Release New Single

The Crofton native's single "Pourin' Over Me" will be released nationally as soon as this week. Her debut album is due out in October.

Crofton native Ashley Forrest has been hard at work recording and promoting and upcoming album of country and pop music. She spent time recording the debut album in Nashville earlier this year, and will soon release a new single "Pourin' Over Me."

The upbeat song could be available as soon as Friday online and is expected to get national airplay.

I sat down with Ashley to talk about the single and her activities over the last year.  

Patch: So tell me about the single.

Ashley Forrest: It’s a really fun, happy feel-good song. It’s about not working too much and just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. The last line of the chorus talks about sweet summer sunshine pouring over me. To have that be the first song to go out nationally is so fitting. We really couldn’t have picked a better song.

Patch: Where will hear the song?

Ashley Forrest: I believe it will be mostly country stations. We’re at about 110 stations nationally.

Patch: Have you been performing it live?

Ashley Forrest: Yes, the last three shows. The last time I sang publicly would have been at the Seafood Festival in Havre de Grace. And then also over in Delaware.

Tell me about some of the other things you’ve been up to in 2012.

Ashley Forrest: It’s been very busy. We’ve been working to get the CD perfect ready for radio release in just a few days, and be performing as well. We got to be a part of NASCAR at Dover Downs [she sang the National anthem before the Nationwide race], the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Wounded Warrior Project. Just to be a part of these events has been a blessing.

I’ll be at the county fair Sunday. I’m really looking forward to that.

Patch: What do you like more, performing live or in a studio? 

Ashley Forrest: When I perform live, there’s always a group of little kids. And they melt my heart. When you see them and they’re staring at you and soaking up what you’re doing, it’s so exciting. It’s a great feeling and something you can’t replace. I just love singing live.

But it is really neat being in the studio and having that experience of perfecting something and having a finished product. And working with such great musicians is a great process.

Patch: Tell me about that process of recording the album.

Ashley Forrest: We recorded it back in March. We did it in all one huge trip, but then I went back for some final things before it was signed, sealed and delivered. It was amazing. I was [in Nashville] for nine days. I got a little homesick, to be honest. But this is the first CD from Ashley Forrest, so I wanted it to be perfect.

To be able to work with such great musicians, and Mark Moffatt, my Grammy-nominated producer. It was like ‘am I really right here, right now?’ It was fun.

Patch: Anything else going on?

Ashley Forrest: Well, we are planning to debut my band at the same time as when the CD comes out in October. So I’ve been busy coordinating and working with my band and getting everything set for the debut. It’s extremely exciting for me.

To have my own band and my own backing, it adds a whole new level of entertainment.

Patch: How’s this whole experience been for you?

Ashley Forrest: Oh, my gosh. You never realize how quickly things can take off. It’s such a sense of accomplishment for me. Besides that, getting to put joy on peoples’ faces and taking them away from everyday life, it’s the best feeling as well. 

Ashley Forrest's debut single "Pourin' Over Me" will be available at Ashleyforrestmusic.com and iTunes. Click here for a sample. 

Ashley Forrest Music September 14, 2012 at 10:58 AM
Thanks Tim. I had fun sitting down and talking with you. Let's do this again later this year with my band leader Lee Jordan. Be safe, Ashley F.


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