Odenton History: General Stores, Part 1

The Odenton Heritage Society museum will have an open house Sunday, with information on display about the history of the town's general stores.

From 1-3 p.m. on Sunday, the Odenton Heritage Society Museum will have an open house, featuring a display on general stores in the Odenton area. 

The society has provided articles outlining the history of each store, and Patch will re-print them with permission. Today, Patch offers this history of Pumphrey's store, provided by the Odenton Heritage Society.

Pumphrey's store stands on the northeast corner of Odenton Road and Town Center Boulevard. William A. Pumphrey, Sr. had the structure built in 1928 as a grocery store and residence. The Odenton post office was located in the first floor of Pumphrey's store from 1932 to 1936, and again from the middle of World War II until 1956. During the Depression and the war, this building was an important social gathering place where Odenton residents picked up mail and exchanged news. The building has not housed a store since the 1940s. It is privately owned. On display from Pumphrey's store will be a screen door with painted ads for bread and other products.

Look for histories of Taylor's Store and Whittles Store on Friday and Saturday.

The Odenton Heritage Society Museum is located at 1367 Odenton Rd., Odenton. 


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