Curb Appeal: Trees and Grass

Planting a few trees and having a healthier lawn will make your yard look professionally landscaped and add beautiful curb appeal.

As I drive around Severn and most of Anne Arundel County, there are trees in bloom everywhere. I look and see white, purple and pink. They add big punches of color as you drive down the street but they also make our homes look like a postcard.

In most cases, the background to this picture-perfect scenery is a beautiful green lawn. Here are few tips on adding this curb appeal to your yard.

While shopping at I was looking for some flowering trees. Some of the trees I found were magnolia, cherry and dogwood. The prices were anywhere from $30 - $50. I also noticed a lot of fruit trees such as apple and pear that also flower. And you know what, they were in the same price range.

I learned there’s not much to planting trees. Dig a hole, put the tree in it and keep it watered. You can even add a small around the tree with some mulch for a professional look.

In talking with the professionals at Anne Arundel County Farm, Lawn and Garden Center on Dorsey Rd., I learned the importance of fertilizer. We also had an extensive conversation on growing grass. They have at least 20 barrels of grass seed, a nursery full of trees and all the knowledge to make these things come together.

When growing grass, the easiest way to remember the process is SLF – seed, lime, fertilize.  They helped us choose the seed that was best for our yard and advised us on why lime and fertilizer are so important.  I don’t think growing grass is so complicated anymore and it’s actually working on my own lawn. 

These steps are true for growing grass from a dirt yard (which is what I had to do) or to enhance your existing lawn and fix those bare patches.

To take even more of the guess work out of growing grass, the helpful staff can do a soil test for $5 if you bring them a sample of your soil.

This is the time to plant these beautiful flowering trees and work on your grass.  When you’re done, step back and enjoy the easy curb appeal you just added to your home!


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