7 Reasons We Love Snow Days

In which we celebrate the joys of flakes and fun.

It's been a good week for snow angels. (Credit: Tim Lemke)
It's been a good week for snow angels. (Credit: Tim Lemke)
Here are seven of our favorite things about the recent snow days. Do you have your own? Share in the comments!

1.) Trying to decipher the difference between Code Blue, Code Red and whatever other colors they throw at you. 

2.) That joyful feeling you get when you realize you'll still be in school at the end of June.

3) Being reminded by the federal government that you are "non-essential."

4) Putting on all of your kids' snow gear and then having them announce that they have to go to the bathroom.

5) Getting an extra day to study for that exam you forgot to prepare for. (And then forgetting to use the day off to study.)

6) Staying in to watch TV news reporters with yard sticks.

7) Pictures of confused-looking dogs.


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