6 Things for 2014 in Odenton and Severn

These are the things we'll look for in 2014 in the Odenton area.

Six things to look out for in Odenton and Severn in 2014 (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Six things to look out for in Odenton and Severn in 2014 (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
As we welcome 2014, it's always a good habit to make some resolutions for the new year. Of course, most of those resolutions are out the window by Valentine's Day, but it's nice to set goals. 

We'll refrain from making any pure resolutions on behalf of the town, but here are a handful of things we'd like to see happen in the Odenton and Severn area over the next 12 months. 

Some New Retailers - Odenton has seen an explosion of residential growth over the past few years. Now it's time for the retail to catch up. Let's see a new grocer and other tenants in the Odenton Shopping Center. Let's see the new coffeehouse make its debut at the Village at Odenton Station. Let's see the new steakhouse open on Annapolis Road. 

A Year Without Furloughs or Government Shutdowns - People around here are tired of the uncertainty over the federal budget. They are tired of doing more with less. Here's to hoping all of our federal workers in Odenton can go to work, do their jobs and be free of the distraction of Capitol Hill gridlock. 

A High School State Title - The local teams keep coming close. Maybe Old Mill, Meade or Arundel can punch through to a state crown in 2014. Maybe the Arundel volleyball team can make it over that final hump. Maybe the Arundel baseball team will win it all. Let's make one of these things happen.

A New Town Center Plan That Works- The Odenton Town Center Master Plan will be revised in 2014. Here's to hoping that community members craft a plan that both developers and residents are happy with. 

Less Bad News - Things are pretty quiet in Odenton and Severn most of the time. But we had our share of tragedies and criminal incidents in 2013. Let's hope for a year free of fatal crashes, murders and other nasty stuff. 

A New Council Member - Jamie Benoit is leaving the county council, so we'll have a new representative for District 4. Will Andrew Pruski emerge as the winner in November, or will we see Scott Hymes or another candidate gain momentum in 2014?


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